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Free Jewelry Inspection

Jewelry wants to be worn. Your pieces want to be seen and admired, cherished and adored. With constant wear comes, well... wear. Gold and silver are very soft metals that wear away when worn, in general. However, when worn every day this wear is accelerated, occurring at a much faster rate. Your jewelry should be taken to a jeweler every six months for inspection.

The prongs of a ring are the metal spokes that hold in stones. If you're as clumsy as I am these prongs get bumped into everything- especially, the edges of the washing machine for some reason. This could move a prong off your stone slightly or wear the tip of the prong away.

The shank of a ring is the round bottom that hugs your finger. Rings are connected to your hands, which are the most used objects on your body. From driving to pushing shopping carts to opening jars in the kitchen, your rings see a lot of action.

The clasp of a bracelet or necklace is where you hook one end to another in order to wear it. These see a lot of wear because they're literally holding the object onto you. So the heavier the object and softer the metal, the faster the wear.

Our jeweler at Bellmawr Jewelry will professionally inspect your jewelry for free, because we want you to continue wearing your jewelry without fear of breakage or loss.